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Don't miss this touching, thought-provoking documentary featuring amazing women
dedicated to changing the lives of others in America and worldwide.

"Your basic abilities matter, and can be a miracle in someone else's life." - Caroline Barnett, Dream Center

‘Women Like Us’ is a film that lifts and motivates the spirit, while taking the audience on a moving journey of exploration, adversity and evolution, as they witness the unimaginable social injustices women face around the globe.  Director Sally Colón-Petree, award-winning journalist Catt Sadler, and activist/author Linda Rendleman, travel the U.S. and Kenya to engage in conversations with over 14 astounding women creating change in the areas of sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, teen suicide, education, and more.  The movie also features actress and television host Sherri Shepherd and music by Grammy nominated artist MOBY.

The powerful documentary is a call to action for women everywhere to join together by using their innate skills of compassion, courage and communication, to confront social injustices, promote equality, and educate all humanity.

Produced by Dream On Productions, a Los Angeles based, female-driven boutique production company established in 2004 by international filmmaker, television host and entrepreneur, Sally Colón-Petree.  Dream On’s goal is to produce creative, impactful projects that are educational, and crafted to bring awareness to subjects that will inspire the hearts of people globally and locally.

To book director, Sally Colón-Petree for an empowerment forum at your school, church or organization, click here.

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